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Yoga that inspires, energizes and illuminates.  To bring yoga to all who crave it, including YOU.

If you’ve ever taken a really awesome yoga class you may recognize that certain kind of glow you feel afterwards. The “yoga glow”. It’s electric. That’s what I want to give my students. Yoga that inspires, energizes and illuminates. Turning ohms into luminosity. That is my mission.

Yoga Tailored To Your Needs

Classes are influenced by a variety of yogic styles and techniques. This is a personalized practice so please let me know what you are interested in exploring. Classes can be added upon request.

I am currently holding public classes online through Zoom. See the “Schedule” page for updated class info.

*Outdoor yoga classes in the greater Sacramento area coming soon! Stay tuned.

Please contact me for private and semi-private sessions. I will provide a location that is convenient for you.

xx, Roxy


Yoga Is A Way Of Life

Do you want a more personalized yoga experience? Then you have come to the right place! My goal is to inspire, energize and illuminate all of my students. I will work with you to achieve your personal goals. Don’t let life get in the way of yoga, let yoga be a part of your life. Let me bring yoga to you!

Energize Your Life

Build Strength

Refresh Your Soul

Relieve Stress

Beauty of Body

Relax Your Mind

Is It Time For A Change?