Meaning Behind the Mala

The Origins of Mala Beads:

Mala beads can be traced back to ancient India where the Indo-European language called Sanskrit was the predominent dialect. Here is a quick breakdown of the terms:

  • Mala = “Garland”
  • Beads = “Prayer” and come from the Anglo-Saxon words ‘bede’ and ‘bidden’

Put those together and you have a garland for prayer. Traditionally, mala beads were comprised of 108 beads plus one guru bead strung together and finished with a tassel. This created a necklace (garland) that could be used to assist the wearer in meditation. Using the beads as a guide, the wearer would repeat a mantra (prayer) 108 times. This number has long been considered a sacred number in many spiritual traditions.

Malas of Today:

Today mala beads come in many more forms than just the traditional necklace. You can find mala beads in bracelets and a variety of other decorative items. Similar to traditional mala adornments, the jewelry of today is often made of gemstones and other natural materials that many believe have healing properties.

So, why choose OhMYoga’s Mala Shop?

While a quick Google search will populate lots of options from a variety of sources, I think that you will find my jewelry to be unique and one of a kind. All of OhMYoga’s jewelry is handmade by yours truly, Roxanne Ring. I source my beads from businesses that support developing communities across the globe and take pride in sourcing authentic gemstone beads from small vendors. Creating each and every piece of jewelry is a joy and form of meditation for me. I like to believe that this joy and energy translates into the jewelry and then is passed on to you.

Whatever the occasion, whether you are a dedicated yoga practitioner or just love the look and feel of mala jewelry, I have something for you!