Passion & Ambition Mala Set


Passion & Ambition Mala Set


Matching beaded mala necklace and bracelet made of red carnelian and lava rock. Finished with gold accent discs. Handmade in California.

Choose between a stretch mala bracelet or an adjustable knotted mala bracelet:

  • The stretch bracelets are designed to easily roll on and off your wrist.
  • The adjustable bracelets are designed with a traditional knotted style made of either 18 (7.5 in) or 21 (8.5 in) beads. The bracelets are 7.5 inches and 8.5 inches at their smallest size, respectively. To tighten, gently pull on the strings. To loosen, gently pull on each end of the bracelet itself.

Additional information


Black, Gold, Red

Bracelet Type

7 in Stretch, 8 in Stretch, 7.5 in Adjustable, 8.5 in Adjustable

Necklace Size

Beaded Chain: 21 in, Beaded Tassel: 1.75 in


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