Mala Care

How to Care for Your Handmade Mala:

To keep your mala looking fabulous for longer avoid submerging in water. I recommend removing your jewelry when swimming, showering, bathing your dog/child, doing dishes, etc. Keep away from harsh chemicals (even body oils, lotion, hairspray, etc. can build up and eventually cause damage) and direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

It is best to try and gently roll your bracelet over your knuckles and onto your wrist rather than pulling and overstretching the elastic cord.

Store your jewelry in a safe, dry place. Use a soft cotton/microfiber cloth to polish your beaded jewelry and use a jewelry cleaner or very mild soap and water to clean as needed. Use extra special care when cleaning color enhanced or delicate natural beads including turquoise, red coral, bone and pearls. If you notice some tarnishing on your silver beads combine mild dish soap and warm water and use a very soft toothbrush to clean the bead. Wipe clean with a silver/microfiber cloth.

Finally, love and admire your mala and allow the properties of the stones to do their magic!

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