Meet Roxy

Hi there! My name is Yogi Roxy. My passion for yoga stems from my movement and dance background. I graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance and Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. After performing for multiple dance companies in Montana I moved to California to continue my career.

It was in San Francisco that my yoga journey took off and became my true passion. OhMYoga has been blossoming for a while. My dream has been to take that seed and create something of my own that I can share with YOU!


To spark curiosity, creativity and consciousness through the mindful practice of yoga.

If you’ve ever taken a really awesome yoga class you may recognize that certain kind of glow you feel afterwards, the yoga glow. It’s electric! That’s what I want to give my students. Yoga that inspires, energizes and illuminates. Turning ohms into luminosity. That is my mission.

The Name

What is in the name? The name OhMYoga started with a car named Zippy.  Little did I know the name of my electric car would become the inspiration for the name of my company.

An OHM is defined as a unit of electrical resistance which results in one volt.  The goal is to push the boundaries of resistance through our own energetic practice of yoga. The result being a positive expression of energy to share with those around us.

OM (AUM) is the ancient sound/symbol of the highest self or the universe, and represents our desire for self-enlightenment. MY means “your own, personal, or individual”. Every single person’s yoga journey is unique. OhMYoga embraces this. YOGA speaks for itself.

In summary, OhMYoga represents a universal yet personal expression of positive energy through the healthy practice of Yoga. We Inspire, Energize, and Illuminate. There you have it! All of these components come together to create OhMYoga.


300-Hour Teacher Training. CorePower Yoga – Virtual Program
  • Advanced training program designed to further yoga teaching, practice and understanding.
200-Hour Anahata Yoga RYT Training. Sarva Rasa Yoga (Selena Garefino) – Phuket, Thailand.
  • Included in depth studies in philosophy, anatomy, physiology, mythic consciousness, teaching methodologies, sanskrit terms, Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa based practices.
200-Hour Power Yoga RYT Training. CorePower Yoga – Danville, CA
  • Explored the foundations and history of yoga, learned basic anatomy and alignment, practiced safe physical assists and learned to teach a Vinyasa style class.
50-Hour Art of Sequencing Training. Selena Garefino – Virtual Program
  • Explored and practiced how to sequence a balanced and successful yoga class. 
50-Hour Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training. CorePower Yoga – Danville, CA
  • Learned how to incorporate cardio and weight training exercises with a Vinyasa yoga class.
Hot Power Fusion Weekend Intensive. CorePower Yoga – San Francisco, CA
  • Explored Bikram inspired poses and how to safely guide students through them.

Ready to Practice?